Gyromitra Caroliniana aka Big Red.

Some folks around here consider this to be an edible mushroom.  I on the other hand do not they are considered to be a false morel and thus are poisonous.  Some folks say,  “Poisonous? I’ve eat them all my life and I ain’t sick!”  To that I say good luck because the fact of the matter is people have died from just breathing in the fumes as they cook. What makes them so bad?

To quote a gentleman that goes by the handle BigFoot at;

“The active ingredient in false morels is called gyromitrin. (N-methl-N-formylhydrazine) Metabolized it becomes monomethylhydrazine, Rocket Fuel!!! I don’t know about anybody else but rocket fuel is not on my menu. I will say that something about the Big Red seemed slightly appetizing but then again I just couldn’t get past the rocket fuel.”

March 29th, 2012.

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